This evening we have visited three farms in Niagra County – Becker Farms, Harris Farm Market and Murphy Orchards, The Orchard Tea Room. All of these family farmers are adding value to their products. Becker – through a winery, brewery with luncheons, pick your own fruits and fall agritourism. Harris Farm Market – by being known for their sweetcorn, but adding fun with ice cream and sourcing local products from many area farms to make their store ‘as local as possible.’ Murphy – by making jams and jellies from their own fruit, educating (not entertaining) thousands of school children, and by sharing a passion for New York’s (and America’s) farmers.

Hal and I felt like we were doing a story for NPR today. We wish we would have brought a tape recorder to give more life to the stories of growing and producing some awesome products as well as sharing agriculture with future generations.