Helping Vendors finish the day!


Today, Hal and I were able to visit with some of the vendors at the Niagra Falls Farmers Market. After the long drive, we found out they had just changed their hours to close at 4pm instead of 5pm! But, we were able to visit and help them with tearing down their booths. 

Here’s what we learned and observed:
-MWF Market – Vendors said, “This is a market worth selling at!”
-Concerns about the future of food safety (GAPs) – both at the home farm and at the market.
-“Resellers” are a big problem. They are even more of a problem at other markets.
-The Ohio white 8′ tables are not used, these vendors use aluminum horses (EBCO out of St. Louis, MO) with plywood or boards to hold the heavy weight
-The location is 1/2 block off the main drag – too far away from traffic.
-They accept NY State Farmers Market Checks ( which is similar to the senior nutrition program (vouchers) in Ohio.
-They have a nice covered area in front of retail space, but they say they still get wet on bad days.
-Pricing info: First tomatoes – $20 for 20# box; 2nd week of sweetcorn at five dozen for $15; Apricots/Plums – $2/pint, $3.50/qt.