The Apple Bin Farm Market has diversified into a full service operation, including their own fresh fruit as well as bakery items and deli items.  They have a good following for breakfast meals, with coffee and fresh baked items.

Owners Peter & Loretta shared with us their family’s experiences in growing and expanding their operation.  This season has been great for production.  They are 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule on harvest due to the warm spring.  The apricots were of exceptional size and quality this year.  They sell lots of fresh fruit through other growers who go to the Green Markets in New York City.  They gave us a few names to see if we can find their apricots in the city.

They are mainly growing for the local trade.  Like many fruit and vegetable growers, they are scaling back their operations, reducing wholesale and trying to direct market as much as possible.   Peter has been to many of the farm marketing conferences to get ideas to improve their operation and learn from others.

Their market was busy with customers buying lunches and other items during our visit.