Nothing like great market managers to keep the market successful and operating smoothly. Each of the Green Markets has an on site manager and an information booth. They provide recipes and other information for customers.

Muddy Farm from Stone Ridge, NY, has great marketing information at their stand. They provide pictures of the free-range chickens and how they are raised on the farm. This helps sell the eggs and shows customers they are raising the eggs in a sustainable way on their farm. They also sell greens, pea shoots (sprouts), lemon cucumbers and other produce. They are an organic operation.

Bodhitree Farm owner, Nivia, has a new nine month old farming operation. She has been a vendor and employee of other farms in the past, but now is able to go out on her own to grow and sell her own produce. The farm has PHENOMENAL signage for their produce. It is crisp, clean and precise. The signage gives the customers not only the name and price of the item, but details on how to use the product in cooking and preparing meals.

Another vendor had great signage. They simply used corrugated plastic and markers to create lively signage, also containing details of how to use the produce.