What a beautiful, sunny morning in Manhattan! Market Manager, Madeleine, greeted us and introduced us to each of the 15 vendors. The market had fresh fish from the ocean, grass fed angus beef, cut flowers, maple syrup, wines, baked goods, and a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable growers.

The Green Markets are all managed through the city, but separate from the government. Details:
http://www.cenyc.org/greenmarket They also do many other ‘green’ programs including textile recycling and composting. This market does not accept EBT (Electronic Bank Transfers), but will soon. This is a new token system the market manager will be overseeing in the future.

All Green Markets are farmer only markets. Madeleine shared with us the forms they must complete stating their products. The Green Markets have a full time verifier who goes and inspects all the farms. If the farm has items not from their farm, they must complete a form as to the source of the locally grown product and ask for permission to sell. Bakers are allowed, but must source their ingredients which they do not grow themselves.

Bobolink Dairy & Bakeyard makes cheese from raw milk to sell at this market. In NY, they can make all cheeses from raw milk if they are aged at least 60 days. Of course, we had a few samples (at least I did). Great flavor!! The owner has been making cheese for about nine years, but the farmer is in its sixth year.

We met two of the farmers. Ron Stokes from Stokes Farm and Jim Kent from Locust Grove Fruit Farm. Both have grown up selling at these market since they were children. There was a wide assortment of heirloom tomatoes – several varieties. There was also a wide assortment of different colors of specialty vegetables.