The past two weeks have been tough for selling eggs and explaining why farm fresh eggs are SAFE! Here are some tips for keeping your eggs as safe as possible:
1. Collect eggs every day. Do not allow them to stay in nests. Some experts state collection should be two times per day.
2. Collect eggs only from nests, do not use those which have fallen to the floor or ground.
3. Wash and/or sanitize eggs in a colander (do not submerse).
4. Refrigerate them as quickly as possible. Use a thermometer to ensure the temperature is below 45 degrees F (older refrigerators often used on small farms are especially in need of thermometers).
5. If traveling to a farmers market or delivering eggs, do not use ice – eggs should be kept dry!
Note: Farmers in Ohio selling eggs from their own flock of 500 or fewer birds do not need a license to sell from the farm. If selling at a farmers’ market location, the farmer must retain a license from the local health department to ensure food safety. DETAILS: Ohio Department of Agriculture Rules

Resource: Tips for Growers from NCSU Extension

Some tips to share with consumers and details from our scientists at Ohio State are located here:
OSU Extension News – Egg Safety for Consumers