Extension is a great resource for those farmers wanting to get started in agritourism.  There are many basic questions to be adressed when working with clientele on the complex issues involved with agritourism.  Eric Barrett, Rob Leeds and Julie Fox (all at OSU Extension) have created many resources for Extension professionals to use to assist these farmers/entrepreneurs who are asking for assistance with their businesses.   These first basic resources will help guide farmers through the initial planning of their agritourism operation.

Here are some introductory resources:

Liability Insurance – Agritourism – NACAA

Social Media for Farms – NACAA

Designing Effective Mktg Materials 2011 – NACAA

Promotion Calendar – Agritourism – NACAA

Corn Maze Budget – NACAA

For additional resources and information, please see our direct marketing team website at http://directmarketing.osu.edu