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Here is a summary of our ‘work in progress’ for a bulletin on emergency preparedness. Use this to get the resources to put your plan together.


What a great couple of days in Nashville visiting and sharing with farmers, families and great colleagues. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm in your state! I hope to see many of you at the NAFDMA conference and maybe in Ohio sometime. Keep up the good work for your farms and for agriculture!

Signage makes sales.  This presentation outlines the types of signs used on the farm, along with information on the proper materials to use.  Some signs can be do-it-yourself, others may be better done by the professionals.    Learn to develop the best signs for your farm to increase efficiency – and the bottom line!

Your Signage is Crazy Important – TN

Business partnerships are nothing new to most businesses, but may be a necessary practice for farm direct marketers.  This presentation helps farms understand the possibilities for partnerships within their community.

Sponsorships are a different concept to work with.  Farmers need to consider their own values, the impact on the farm and the impact on the farm’s customers.  Included are some very basic examples to use to start a pricing strategy when working with sponsorships.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Marketing starts with the creation of a brand to market. A logo is not enough. A brand encompasses your values and the image of everything you do within the business. Learn about developing a brand for your farm and learn to grow your business through brand management.
Developing and Growing a Brand – TN

What do others think of your farming operation? You could be very surprised at the answers they will give you when you ask. So, start with this worksheet to get input from others on the image of your farming operation. From the farmstead to the stand at the farmers market, all farms can benefit from proper branding.
Focus–Reading Your Image

Today at the Tennessee Horticulture Expo, we talked about owning your on-line presence. There are simple things you can do to manage your image on the internet. We can help you with a detailed program and a workbook to use for your specific farming operation.

Ohio State University Extension has a new program called “Maps and Apps” which helps those in retail agriculture get their social media under control. A growing number of producers benefit from this social media and free listings on Internet maps, in GPS systems, in maps linked to social media, and in mobile applications. Maps & Apps helps businesses take advantage of free mobile listings and teaches them how to make corrections or get listed on popular sites.

We have more webinars and a day-long workshop coming up for your farm. Get more details at:

HANDOUT – Top 10 Attributes of the BEST farmers markets
It was so great to be with the farmers market managers and vendors in Tennessee today! Here are copies of handouts for the presentations:
HANDOUT – Top 10 Strategies for Farmers Market Vendors

For farm direct marketers, there is never enough time during the season to create good signage. It seems that every time you get started on good signage, something else gets in the way. But, why? Isn’t signage one of the top ways we communicate with our customers?

Read one of my latest articles on farm direct marketing to help your farm be the best it can!
Your Farm’s Signage is Crazy Important!

Downy mildew was found on cucumbers in Wayne County, Ohio, from two separate locations last week. One sample came from an unsprayed private garden near Wooster and another from a 2-A commercial field in West Salem. Disease incidence in the commercial field was about 1%; it had been sprayed on June 8 with Previcur Flex + protectant. The severity on infected leaves was moderate but sporulation in the lesions was high.

This is significantly (about 2-3 weeks) earlier than we have seen in the past few years. It is also surprising since the weather has been very dry and sunny in the locations downy mildew was found. However, recent cool nights and heavy dews were apparently sufficient for an outbreak.

Although so far we have only found downy mildew in Wayne County, previous experience leads us to expect it is likely to be present in other northern counties. Therefore cucumber growers in northern Ohio should begin downy mildew preventative fungicide programs if they have not already done so.

Melons, particularly cantaloupes, are next to cucumbers in susceptibility to downy mildew. Preventative fungicide programs should also be initiated at this time. Please send us samples to your local OSU Extension Office if you suspect downy mildew in cucumbers, melons or other vine crops.

A detailed factsheet can be found here:
From Dr. Sally Miller – Vegetable Disease Specialist, Ohio State University Extension
Fungicide application:
Protection before disease appears: Apply one of the following fungicides on a 7-10 day schedule, tank mixed with Bravo, Manzate or Dithane: Presidio, Ranman, Previcur Flex, Tanos, Curzate or Gavel (Gavel already contains mancozeb). Alternate products. The application interval can be lengthened under dry conditions. Use the shorter interval under cool, moist conditions.
Management after disease appears: Apply one of the following fungicides on a 5-7 day schedule, tank mixed with Bravo or Dithane: Presidio, Ranman, Previcur Flex, or Tanos. Alternate products. The application interval can be lengthened under dry conditions. Use the shorter interval under cool, moist conditions. See product labels for fungicide rates.
Most recent research has shown that fungicides can be ranked as follows for efficacy against downy mildew: Presidio = Ranman > Previcur Flex > Curzate > Gavel > Mancozeb = Bravo.
Note that the fungicides recommended above have different preharvest intervals (PHI). Keep this in mind when fungicides are applied after harvesting begins.
Product PHI (days)
Bravo Weather Stik 0
Ranman 0
Previcur Flex 2
Tanos 3
Dithane or Manzate 5
Gavel 5
Presidio 2
Curzate 3

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